Remembering Some of the Great 80s One Hit Wonders

Someone mentioned something about Dynasty to me today, which got me thinking about a 45 record I had in the 80s by Al Corley, who played Steven, one of the early gay characters in prime-time. I loved the song, and it had completely slipped my mind. Looking back, I remember why I liked him – he was gorgeous.

This led me to the video for Tarzan Boy from Baltimora. The song is nonsensical and actually quite crap, but it always brings back happy memories for me. I can remember summer evenings, riding around with my windows down, blasting that song as loud as I could. Gee, I was a loser!

Funnily enough, all comments have been blocked from this video on YouTube.  🙂

Another song, and tape, that I always blasted as loudly as possible was Who Do You Give Your Love To from Michael Morales. This was released in 1989, and I didn’t know anyone else who knew who he was, but this was basically my favorite tape for an entire year. It had some great songs. Of course, I wore my cassette tape out, and now the CD is so obscure that I’d have to pay a fortune to get a copy.

Another one-hit wonder that I loved was Love Changes Everything by Climie Fisher. I can’t embed that video in my blog, but you can see the video here:

YouTube – Climie Fisher – Loves changes (everything)

And how could I leave out Heart and Soul from T’Pau? What a great song, and I still get excited if it comes on the radio. I never realized how bad the video was then, but looking back – hmmm… oh well, the song is good.

There will be more to come in the Great 80s memories posts, but that’s it for this installment.


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