Candy’s Celebrity Crushes: Through the Years

I can’t lie . . . I was always boy crazy, even back as young as about 3. I remember having a crush on one of my parents’ friends, when I was around that age. My friend Bethany, in junior high, even wrote in my yearbook about the fact that I always had a crush on someone. How embarrassing to look back on, but it’s true. I was always a day late and a dollar short with the boys, though – I liked the outgoing guys when the nerds all liked me. I liked the nerds when they had already given up and moved onto someone else. I was once told by a guy in school that I’d had a crush on for about 4 years that he always thought I was a snob, and that he wished we’d begun to hang out sooner. I had no idea – I was just a shy girl who assumed that she was invisible to the opposite sex, for the most part.

Therefore, since I was a child of television, music, and movies in the 70s and 80s, I always had several celebrity crushes to supplement my real-life ones. I think the celebrity crushes were safe, because all of the guys were older and thousands of miles away. But over the years, thank goodness, my tastes have changed. Here’s a little look at the boys I’ve been mad for over the years. (I am not naming the real guys I had crushes on, in order to protect the innocent).  🙂

1. Donny Osmond: This is the first crush I can remember having. Why? I have no idea. He is sooo the opposite of everything I stand for. But I was probably 5, and not yet wise to the ways of the world. How in the heck can I justify making so much fun of Justin Bieber these days when I look back at that? I apologize, kid.

2. Shaun Cassidy: I have no excuse for this one. He’s a pretty boy with long hair who really couldn’t sing his way out of  a box, but I thought he was the shizzit. I was lucky enough to find a clip of him singing and acting in the same episode of “The Hardy Boys”! Check out that shirt–could be velour, could be terrycloth . . . who knows?  And those hips – what can I say? Be sure to watch his moves at about 1:17 in the clip.

This is my favorite Shaun Cassidy song, by the way.

3. Haywood Nelson: Hey, hey-hey! Yes, I had a crush on Dwayne on “What’s Happening?”  I’m not sure what the draw was. Though he was the cutest guy on the show, his character was a little . . .well . . . simple. But he was a hottie, and he wasn’t a stuffed shirt like Raj, or a clown like Rerun.

I can’t find a clip from the show that I’m allowed to embed here, so here is the well-known intro to the show.

4. Rob Lowe: This is the only celebrity I ever wrote a fan letter to. Of course, he never answered, but perhaps it’s still in his “to read” stack. I wrote it around 1981, so he’s probably just getting around to it. Rob was such a pretty boy (still is), and I’m not sure why I liked him so much. But I sure was jealous of Melissa Gilbert when those two were dating. Thankfully, my crush had long since disappeared when his infamous “home video” made the rounds years later.

What was I thinking?

5. John Stamos: When John Stamos joined “General Hospital” in 1982  , I was so excited. He played a rough, street kid named Blackie Parrish, and he was so cute, I just wanted to cry. I remember walking to school, with his picture in my Trapper Keeper notebook, sad that summer was over. I had to give up “GH” since I was going back to school, and I was heartbroken. John Stamos never seemed to go away, but my crush on him sure did. By the time “Full House” started, he was old news.

Here, you can see him attempting to give his best James Dean impression – and failing miserably.

6. Rick Springfield: Another “GH” alumni, but also a Rock God. Well, at least he was in the 80s. Kind of. My very first concert was a Rick Springfield concert. He was gorgeous and a really good singer. A very good friend of mine loved him so much that she recreated his signature on about 50 sheets of paper and plastered her bedroom ceiling with them. Now that’s devotion. (She actually still likes him so much that she went to a local country/western bar in downtown Nashville to see him last year, and ended up hanging out with his drummer, Jack White.) Some dreams never die. I’ll always like Rick, and maybe one day I can see him in concert again–but it will probably be at a casino in Tunica.

It’s about a minute into this video before you even see Rick, but I chose this video because he’s so darn hot in it.

What’s up with these guys that had mullets? I had no idea I ever liked anyone with a mullet!! I’m so ashamed.

7. Duran Duran: I liked all of them, for the most part. I started out with a crush on John, as many did, but moved on to liking Nick. He was the one that people often forgot, and he was cuter than Simon, but not as cute as John. This might be when I started to realize that the “not-so-cute” guy is often the hottest.

8. Adam Ant: Oh dear, I can’t even talk about Adam Ant to this day without getting a little verklempt. I liked him pretty well in the 80s, and I owned all of his albums. But in the last couple of years or so, I have come to realize how crazy-hot he was. When I walked into The Junkman’s Daughter shop in Atlanta a couple of years ago and saw a “Libertine-style” coat in there, it gave me tingles. (Yes, I DO need professional help). Of course, he got into trouble for domestic abuse, and I’m sure he’s got an ego the size of my arse. However, this is the crush that won’t die.

Is he over-the-top–of course! Is he extremely androgynous? Absolutely! And I love it!

9. John Amos: This is another crush that I didn’t really realize I had until the past few years. Good Times is just about my favorite show ever. In the last year, TVONE on cable has been showing all of the episodes, sometimes 2 or 3 a day, and it’s been so much fun to go back and watch them again. JJ was funny, Michael was goofy, and Keith was kind of creepy –but James Evans was scorching hot! I happen to know, too, that my Mother had a crush on him, too, so perhaps my crush was inevitable. (I was so happy to see him in a cameo on last week’s 30 Rock!)

Here’s a clip from one of my favorite episodes:

Hmm . . . John STAMOS and John AMOS? Do I sense a pattern here?

10. Corey Hart: This one didn’t last a really long time; only about as long as his career did. But despite the fact that he was robotic, strange, quite scary, and obviously vapid, I still had a little thing for him. Perhaps it was the fact that he only dated Asian girls and always wore his sunglasses at night? (How exotic!!) Regardless, I got to touch his leg at a concert once, and that made my year.

11. Josh Charles: I had the hugest crush on his character Knox Overstreet in Dead Poet’s Society. I had recently dated a guy who looked like Robert Sean Leonard in the movie, but I only had eyes for Josh Charles. Knox Overstreet was dreamy. I am glad that Charles is back on TV these days (in “The Good Wife”), but I’m not into that show. Too bad.

This clip has no sound, but it’s my favorite part of the movie. Ya’ gotta love a lovesick boy, right?

12. Kyle Chandler (pre-Friday Night Lights): I didn’t watch Early Edition and I don’t watch Friday Night Lights. I liked Chandler when he was but a wee teen on a fantastic (long-gone) show called Homefront. A lot of big names got a start on that show, and I was so sad when it was cancelled. As Jeff, he was innocent, yearning, and irresistible.

13. David Duchovny: Yum, yum, yum . . . what wasn’t sexy about Fox Mulder? Dark, brooding, intelligent–and those lips . . . and that nose. He is just plain dreamy. Unfortunately, I hate Californication,  so I don’t really get too much Duchovny exposure these days. But his hotness will never go away.

14. Mark Ruffalo: This one doesn’t go away so easily, either. As my friend Janet says, I have a “Ruffalo-thing.” When I first saw him in You Can Count on Me, I thought he was about the strangest thing I’d ever seen. Very awkward and just plain odd. Now, I think he’s about the hottest thing on 2 legs. He seems smart, and aware, and he looks like if you sniffed him, he would smell fantastic. (Oh yes . . . I would absolutely sniff him, given half the chance). At any rate, something about him reminds me of a part of my past, as well. So, basically, he can eat crackers in my bed anytime. (Apologies to my husband, he he knows about my crush and accepts it).

Unfortunately, I can’t find a clip from my favorite Ruffalo movie We Don’t Live Here Anymore, so it’s The Kids are Alright, instead.

15. Cillian Murphy: Again with the androgeny–I’m not sure what it is about this guy that attracts me, but there’s something there. He looks a bit like an alien, but his eyes are gorgeous, and he just comes across as so sincere in his roles. Much like Mark Ruffalo, I thought he was odd in the first film I saw him in (28 Days Later), but he’s grown on me; enough that I sat through Watching the Detectives on cable. And it’s quite a crap film.

16. Adrien Brody: He has those incredible eyes and that big nose–two things that always draw me in. He’s a great actor, and he comes across as having an IQ higher than his shoe size. He often plays innocent in his roles, but I can just tell he’s quite a dirty boy.

17. Lukas Rossi: You’re probably thinking to yourself “Who?” He was basically what you would call a One-Hit Wonder–winner of Rockstar: Supernova. I loved the Rockstar reality show, even though it only ran for 2 seasons. There was a lot of talent on the “Supernova,” but I thought Lukas Rossi was hot, hot, hot! No one understood this obsession, least of all my husband–he says that Rossi looks like he should be living under a mushroom. Recently, a friend told me that her husband was doing some work on a house that Rossi was living in, right here in Tennessee. Small world, I suppose.

I’m not sure I can truly explain my fascination with Lukas Rossi, but I guess it’s that he looks like he would just want to eat you right up. Kind of psychopathic and pure sexuality at the same time–in the body of a Hobbit. What more could you ask for, eh?

18. Joel McHale: What? A blonde on my list? How did that get here? I love funny guys, and I love nerds–and McHale definitely fits the bill. I don’t really care for him as much since he’s hit it big on Community, but I still love him on The Soup. He’s charming, witty, and laughs at his own jokes without coming off as cocky, which is not that easy to pull off. (That’s what she said!)

19. Jude Law: Yumm . . . sure, he’s a cad in real life, and probably seriously in love with himself. However, on film, he translates into nothing but pure charm. He oozes sexuality, confidence, intelligence, and charm. My favorite Law performances are those in Closer (one of my very favorite films), Cold Mountain, and The Holiday.

20. Paul Rudd: Saving one of the best for last. I’ve had a huge crush on him forever. He’s funny, smart, gorgeous, and seems like a nice guy. One of my favorite roles of his is in The Object of My Affection. I love that he’s something of a chameleon (can play old, young, gay, straight), but still holds true to his Paul Ruddiness in each role.  🙂


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