Candy Recommends: REVOLUTION


Juliet & President Obama shielded by the post-apocalyptic Secret Service.

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck . . . well, you know the rest. This ain’t Lost, my friends, even though it gives a lot of nods to that holiest of holies. Lost music? Check!  Numerous red shirts, clamoring for their 3 seconds of fame? Check!  Hurley? No, but he might as well be. [But don’t get me wrong—no one can compare to Hurley!]  Charlie? Check! But she’s a girl. Airplane wreckage? Check! No, this isn’t Lost, but it does come with a very impressive pedigree. Producer J.J. Abrams is always good for some winding mysteries intertwined with myth and extensive character back stories. And executive producer Jon Favreau directed the pilot—he freaking directed Iron Man, Candy’s favorite superhero movie! You can’t miss the pilot and still live with yourself, people!!

• FYI: The pilot will be rebroadcast Wednesday night (9/19) at 10pm EST/9pm CST •

So, from the previews, Candy was reluctant about expecting much from this show. Seen Hunger Games; seen the “why did I even get started?” Flash Forward; read every other post-apocalyptic YA novel printed in the last 3 years. We’ve been thumped over the head with it . . . but still . . . there are still some fresh, original-ish tales to be found in the abundance.

[Side Note: Candy highly recommends the following, if you’re looking for a good post-apocalyptic read: Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer and Wither by Lauren DeStefano, both the first books in two fun, but dark trilogies]

The show has a nice open; it’s a familiar one, but still nicely done. Oh, and Candy forgot to mention the requisite appearance by Elizabeth Mitchell, another homage to Lost and an Abrams staple. The show then leads into life 15 years after the blackout, and the story takes off from there. Yes, there’s a blackout.  If that was a spoiler for you, you need to get out more!

What did Candy like about the show?

• There were some nice, thoughtful cinematic shots that she greatly appreciated

• There were some sweet moments that did not come off as too cliché. Especially the scene of a little girl getting to eat all of the ice cream from the freezer once the power went out for good, her Dad telling her to slow down and really remember what it tasted like

• Some of the casting is spot-on; some of it may yet grow on Candy. However, she would like to wonder aloud whether or not it is a coincidence that one of the militia leaders bears something of a passing resemblance to Barack Obama? Well, no matter—he’s actually pretty hot. Scary, but hot!  😉

• Surprises? Yes, there were a few, which is always a nice way to start off a brand new show

What didn’t Candy like?

• There was more than one instance of the requisite asthma attack. Roll your eyes all you want, but you know that in every other movie released in the last 10 years, there’s always someone with asthma who has lost their inhaler, or there is no medicine to be found for miles and miles. Granted, suffocating to death is, I’m sure, very unpleasant, so the fear is justified.

• A little overacting never hurt anyone, but the lead actress really went overboard in a couple of scenes. Not sure what to think of her yet. She’s easy on the eyes, but she’s no Evangeline Lilly!

• Some of the fight scenes were more than a little unbelievable. But not in the Tarantino this-is-insane-but-still-cool way, but in a cheesy, high school play way.

But hey, it is a network show, and there once was a cheesy smoke monster . . .

Candy really recommends that you give this show a chance and see what it can become. If you don’t trust Candy, take a look at these reviews and see if they will entice you to bite.

And you can view the trailer here:

If you enjoy the show, and if it stays compelling, give Candy a shout so we can discuss around the virtual water cooler, just like old times.


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