Candy Recommends: Elementary

Most people are pretty familiar with the character of Sherlock Holmes, and there’s no shortage of Holmes films or tv in today’s culture. It seems that when one concept strikes a fire within the masses, Hollywood grabs onto the concept for dear life and wrings the life out of it. So, why was Candy interested in watching Elementary?

There are a number of reasons:

I. Network TV rarely can compare to the quality dramas to be found on cable these days—with rare exceptions, such as Lost. Candy keeps hoping the Big 3 will latch onto something that works, giving a bit more cred back to the original networks. But she’s not holding her breath. Candy will watch (almost) anything once, keeping an open mind.

II. Johnny Lee Miller—Candy can take him or leave him, but when he’s good, he’s very good. She first was impressed by him in Trainspotting. How can you not like a tow-headed, handsome, baby-faced Brit who gets his Scottish accent spot-on, and is playing someone called Sick Boy?

III. Lucy Liu—It’s so nice to see her on TV again. She was so good as Ling on Ally McBeal, and she completely rocked in Kill Bill as O-Ren Ishii. She is quite a versatile actress, and Candy really liked her in Elementary. She and Miller have quite good chemistry.


That’s all well and good but why should YOU watch the show? Well, when Candy started watching, she was a bit put off by Miller’s portrayal of Sherlock. He seemed to be going overboard to be too quirky—which could either grow on you or grate on you. But as the show progressed, he toned it down a bit, and it worked. Candy actually kind of like this portrayal of Holmes as being so socially awkward. Rich guy with drug problems, a severe combination of what seems to be ADD/Autism/OCD/Clinically Insane, and a God complex . . . that character definitely has plenty of room to grow! I’d hope that they hold off on any romantic entanglements between Holmes & Watson for a good while, though. Surely they won’t jump that shark too early.

Candy also found it quite funny how the show ended with Elvis Costello’s Watching the Detectives. (Which, FYI, is Candy’s favorite EC song!) If any of you are B-movie cable watchers like Candy, you will have seen the film Watching the Detectives, which Candy watched only because of her weird attraction to Cillian Murphy. It’s quite an odd film, but just quirky enough to be somewhat interesting. And let’s just say it, Candy would gladly be part of a Cillian Murphy/Lucy Liu sandwich!  😉   Not to mention part of a Johnny Lee Miller/Lucy Liu sandwich.

So, though you may end up hating it, Candy recommends you give Elementary a try—at least once—and let her know if do you end up liking it.

Until we meet again . . .



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