Candy’s Weekend B-Movie Flashback for October 2: “Psychomania”

Candy loves campy, cult classics – especially those with a grindhouse feel. Thus, she has thoroughly enjoyed watching this British cult horror classic on Turner Classic Movies this weekend. The BBC has described the film as “a teenage, zombie, biker, frog, voodoo, hippie musical” – so if that’s your idea of fun (and it is for me!) , give this movie a shot. And, if you happen to have some smoke or drink handy, you will probably enjoy some parts of the film even more. Continue reading


Mourning the Death of Original Music

Growing up, I had a very cool Mom who watched MTV with me, and we had the same taste in music, from the 60s to the 80s. I would listen to my Grandmother fuss about all the modern music (from The Beatles up through to INXS), and how it was all terrible and sounded alike. Of course, I thought she was old and crazy, and I vowed never to be that closed-minded when I got to be her age. Now, I’ve just turned 41 and, against all of my good intentions, I find myself griping and moaning about all of the music on the radio today. Granted, there are a number of bands that I really like currently, but I find myself more and more turning back to just about any decade pre-2000 when I’m buying or listening to music. Continue reading

Candy Can’t Recommend “Hot Tub Time Machine” . . . Try “Sex Drive” Instead

Aah . . . July 4th weekend–plenty of time off work; not a lot to do; and plenty of TV time available since the World Cup is winding down. I got home Saturday afternoon and eagerly purchased Hot Tub Time Machine from pay-per-view service. I had heard that it wasn’t that great, but I had to see for myself. Having been in high school in 1986, and being a fan of John Cusack and Craig Robinson . . . I couldn’t miss it.

However, I now kind of wish I had my $4.99 back. The movie wasn’t terrible, but when one of the only times you laugh is at a gag regarding a one-armed bellboy, you know that you’re probably not watching a quality film. I can appreciate that this was kind of a vanity project for the guys; and I can appreciate the movie for what it is–a fun homage to the teen movies of the 80s. There are numerous nods to those films: the skiing theme of Better Off Dead; the cameo of William Zabka (of Karate Kid fame); references to Red Dawn; etc. But, I don’t think that these concepts are enough to save the entire film. As someone said in a review on Rotten Tomatoes, “The film lacks any structure,” and “many of the gags are inadequately developed.”  I feel like I watched a demo of a real movie, rather than watching a final film. That’s likely deliberate on the part of those behind the film, but it just didn’t really sit well with me. Continue reading

Movies I’m Looking Forward to in the Second Half of 2010

I’ve been absent from blogging for awhile because I haven’t had too much to say. I still don’t – I’ve started umpteen blogs such as:

• Some of My Favorite TV Characters of All Time

• Neil Young: Twisted Road Tour – Best . . . Show . . . Ever

• The Filthiest Show You’re Probably Not Watching: The Hard Times of R.J. Berger

• My Favorite Films and Why I Love Them: Part 2

• Things That Make Me Go Hmm . . .

But I just can’t find the oomph I need to finish what I’ve started. I think it’s the heat. Continue reading

Red-Headed Child Star Diva Smackdown: Half Pint vs. Samantha Baker Davis, Jr.

Half Pint

I recently finished reading a gargantuan novel that, though it was good in parts, really made me yearn for some lightweight, fun reading. I had been meaning to read Melissa Gilbert’s memoir, Prairie Tale, for some time, but I never got around to ordering a copy. Luckily, my wonderful husband gave me a copy for my birthday, and I read through it in no time, gobbling up all of the insider TV stories and the juicy tidbits about her social life. This got me into both the memoir mood, and the 80s mood, so I ordered Molly Ringwald’s recent book, Getting the Pretty Back, before I had even finished Prairie Tale. I’m almost through with Molly’s book, and though I’m getting through it pretty quickly, I have to go ahead and call the winner of this smackdown: It’s Half-Pint, with a very solid lead. Continue reading

Candy’s Weekend B-Movie Flashback: “Race with the Devil”

I am so in love with the RetroFlix channel on Comcast Cable. If it ever goes away, I will be devastated. I have discovered so many little gems of film there, and most of them are so much better than some of the crap that is released these days. Actually, most of them are huge influences on the films released today – both the crap and the treasures. I’ve had Race with the Devil saved on my DVR for over a month, and yesterday I decided I would give it a go. I wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading