Lady GaGa Will Eat Your Young

There are all kinds of articles out on the Web these days about how music artists such as Lady GaGa are obviously promoting the occult, and they are banding together with other musicians to promote the devil’s message. You can see a related video here:

This got me to thinking that this has been going on for a long time, and GaGa and Jay Z are only the latest agents of the devil. Check out these music videos below. These obviously provide proof of the artists’ links to Hell, and it’s not just those crazy rock & rollers.

This is only a very small sampling of the rampant issue of Devil Music:

1. Dancing on the Ceiling – Lionel Ritchie

• First and foremost, the primary color in this video is RED. The car is red; Lionel is wearing red. Red is a strong color that conjures up lots of things—none of them Christian in nature: passion, violence, warfare. Disgusting.

• Now Mr. Ritchie is walking backwards down the hall. This is not normal. Witches actually renew their allegiance to the Devil annually by walking backwards.

• And now, Lionel is literally dancing on the ceiling! You know who dances on the ceiling don’t you?  Satan!  As he continues to dance upside down, the people below him are dancing madly & clapping, probably chanting a mantra to the God of the Underworld. Some of them are dancing as though possessed by an entity, having fits and wiggling their extremities in unGodly ways.

2. You Light Up My Life – Debbie Boone

This is a performance video, but you can still clearly see her call-outs to Beelzebub here.

• The video opens with her wearing silk pajamas. Silk pajamas are lingerie, which is used to entice men into sexual activity. And look at the flower on the left side of her head. In Hawaii, you wear a flower on the left side if you are married or taken. Peach flowers indicate appreciation and gratitude. Ms. Boone is obviously showing her appreciation for Satan and subtly letting viewers in the know in on the fact that she is married to the Dark Lord.

• If you’ll look off to the side,  you’ll notice the string lights, flashing in an hypnotic manner. This is a classic technique for hypnotizing someone into an altered state—a state in which they do not have control over what they are doing, but they are driven to give in to their most primal urges during this time.

• This song is filled with filthy sexual innuendo. She is singing about keeping her dreams “deep inside,” and how someone “fills her” nights with song. “It can’t be wrong when it feels so right!” And throughout the song, she is wearing a Christian cross in her very low-cut cleavage. Sacrilige, I tell you!

• The video continues to show Ms. Boone from two different angles, which is meant to signify the dual nature of her allegiance. She is professing to be a Christian singer, but she is secretly sending out signals to her other occult followers to allow Satan to light up their lives.

3. “Wild Horses” – Susan Boyle (performance video)

• The fact that Susan Boyle was able to even sing this classic is proof enough that Satan is alive and well. The fact that it’s become a hit of sorts with the public–well–that just shows that Lucifer is in charge.  Might I also point out that The Rolling Stones recorded “Sympathy for the Devil.” Mmm-hmmm…

• Ms. Boyle has obviously hypnotized the audience into thinking that she is good, because they are breaking out in cheers for this devil woman, clad all in black.

4. “Goody Two-Shoes” – Adam Ant

• The unholiness begins when Mr. Ant is putting makeup on the women sitting in the chairs in this video. The women are dressed in military-style regalia (soldiers of the Lord? The Dark Lord, maybe!) Each of them has makeup on their faces to emphasize one of their eyes in some way. And they all have a smirk on their faces, like they know something we don’t. Mmm-hmmm…

• His neckerchief is obviously hanging around his neck in the shape of an upside-down triangle. And the secretary/journalist lady in the big glasses is wearing a bow tie, which is made up of TWO triangles. This is so blatantly obvious it is making my head spin.

• Mr. Ant is wearing very tight pants and he has a way of stirring up my loins when I see him writhing about. I don’t think God would approve. Ant is obviously very much aware of how dangerous his crotch is, so he’s over-emphasizing it with those very tight, bulging leather pants.


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